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Category: Town Crier

Publish 38

Dagon Mini Ex-Pack

“I am proud to announce Freedom’s first truly Custom super-peerless is finally here!” – Zero

This Pack Includes:

  • A special small custom built area to battle new powerful foes, hidden off the coast of a once powerful city that is now in ruins.


  • Dagon – Super Peerless – Complete with his own instanced area and nasty surprise attacks. Tread lightly, a party and planning recommended!

Mini-Bosses (Key Holders)

  • Ancient Coral Colossus
  • Howling Tempest
  • Y’ha-nthlei, The Tidespeaker

And the “normal” mobs: Dark Tide Elementals and Dagon Cultists

Drops from Dagon will include

  • 5 Rough Stones


  • Dark Tide Statuette
  • Ornate Atlas Table (Chance for East or West)
  • Grand Table (Stealable from area)
  • Dagon Crest (Stealable from area)
  • Black Mark (Vanity /Deco...
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Category: Town Crier

Publish 37

+ Core Changes

Added majority support for the Enhanced Client; Grid Containers, Status Updates, Character Creation, etc.
Added full Stygian Abyss and High Seas client support.
Updated login welcome interface to display up-to-date information about the shard.
Added 2 new facets; Terra and Xen, to be used for near-future content.
Updated core map sector processing for heavy load situations in tight areas, such as champion spawns.

+ Character Creation

Updated character creation to support Gargoyles.
Character creation will now only give unique or valuable starting items to the first character created on an account.
Character creation gives your first character an Ethereal Horse (with a longer than usual casting time), a Small House (newbie house) and Gold Coin Tokens (can be treat exactly l...

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Category: Town Crier

Publish 36

+ Trash Collection

A new trash reward service has been installed.
This trash reward service will allow you to trash items in return for Trash Tokens.
You may spend Trash Tokens on a special vendor to purchase rewards for helping to clean-up the shard.
Trash Tokens are limited to 1000 per character, per day.
The service tracks a complete history of your trash and will rank you by tokens obtained on a league table.
You can view the global trash league table at any time using the [TrashProfiles command.
Public Septic Tanks will be placed in towns where you may trash your items.

+ Voting

A new Voting service has been installed, this will allow us to list all vote sites in one place for easy access.
The service tracks a complete history of your votes and will rank you by tokens obtained on a league tab...

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Category: Town Crier

Publish 35

-  Quest Masters are getting a bump in reward.  They will have a 50% chance to give a relic item as well.  Normal reward gear they give is also boosted in stats (at a chance).  They will now only give one scroll type and it will cost 30k gold.

–  Major cleanup of a lot of our systems code – way too many to list, but mostly things for performance, rather than things you guys would notice in-game.

–  Fixed an issue with moongate libraries redeeding.

–  [grab command will now have a 5 second timer in-between uses.

–  Donation ethereal mounts, regular ethereal mounts, and any creature mount will no longer work inside a capture the flag game.

–  New players to Freedom will now have a tag under their name “New to Freedom”...

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