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Category: Town Crier

Publish 50

+ Fight Club

I’m not going to talk about it.

Fight Club will be a central tracking system for field PvP related activities.
A full leader-board and ranking system has been implemented!


On the first day of each month, a new season will begin.
When a new season begins, the top 10 players on the leader-board for the last season will receive a trophy.
Special prizes may be given out for the rank you have achieved by the end of a season.


Points decay every 30 minutes while you are logged out.
If you have less than 0 points, you will gain 1 point, until you have 0 points.
If you have more than 0 points, you will lose 1 point, until you have 0 points.



Say “I wish to duel” to initiate a duel request, target the person you would like to duel.
Say “I wish to duel for ...

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Category: Town Crier

Publish 49.2

+ General

Fixed a small issue with quests that was causing a persistent shard crash.

+ Halloween

You can now Trick Or treat! Just say “trick or treat” and target a vendor; if you have 120 in begging, you also have a chance to get a special rare treat!

+ Spells

Thunderstorm will no longer stack the de-buff; an issue was fixed where timers would be created for dead creatures when damaged.

+ Dungeons

An issue with Line of Sight in Sewers of Britain has been fixed.

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Category: Town Crier

Publish 49.1

The Deceiver

The Deceiver is a boss based in Deceit. The teleporter to his lair can be found in level one by the level two stairwell.

The Deceiver is a magical trickster that can shape-shift and reflect damage types. You will need at least two people to fight the deceiver, a mage and a fighter. He has orc minions that drop gems for each class to be able to damage him. An adventurer wishing to use magic damage on The Deceiver must have a Mage Gem in their pack. Like wise the Warrior wishing to use melee damage must have a fighter gem in their pack. You can not have both in your pack at the same time. Bewareusing any type of damage except the damage you have the gem for will cause severe repercussions.

This mob will shape-shift throughout the fight...

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Category: Town Crier

Publish 49

+ Technical

Recent lag spikes have been sourced to high CPU usage, every effort is being made to trace and eliminate high-load situations by optimizing the code as it is discovered; this process could be done in this patch alone, or it may take one or two more patches to knock it out completely. Rest assured, we are using some expensive software to monitor performance on the lowest level possible in the server application, so we will get there eventually, even if we have to profile 1 million lines of code.

+ General

Extended tool-tip stats on creatures have been removed;
Only pets will continue to show the extended tool-tip stats.

Rainbow Tiles will now change color instantly when chained instead of using a delay; this will prevent cases where the tiles chain react in an almost infinite lo...

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