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Category: Town Crier

Publish 35

-  Quest Masters are getting a bump in reward.  They will have a 50% chance to give a relic item as well.  Normal reward gear they give is also boosted in stats (at a chance).  They will now only give one scroll type and it will cost 30k gold.

-  Major cleanup of a lot of our systems code – way too many to list, but mostly things for performance, rather than things you guys would notice in-game.

-  Fixed an issue with moongate libraries redeeding.

-  [grab command will now have a 5 second timer in-between uses.

-  Donation ethereal mounts, regular ethereal mounts, and any creature mount will no longer work inside a capture the flag game.

-  New players to Freedom will now have a tag under their name “New to Freedom”...

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Category: Town Crier

Publish 34

- Identified the freeze up issue and have fixed it.

- Town Invasions have returned.

- Monster Bash has returned.

- Optimized the corpse cleanup method at champ spawns when red skulls advance.

- Dungeon Overlords will no longer drop skulls to summon another boss. You must still defeat monsters in dungeon regions for a chance at a skull drop.

- Vendors will no longer purchase reagents from players.

- Changed the way in which vendors store internal vendor inventory, so they will never exceed over 100 stacks of a single item.

- Updated core files to match those of latest runuo, again (thanks Vorspire).

- Updated VitaNex core to latest version.

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Category: Town Crier

Publish 33

-  Dungeon Overlord will drop less rough stones, the rest of the loot will remain the same.

-  Cleaned up some code for our champion spawn cleaner so it runs more efficiently (you probably won’t notice this at all).

-  A cap that was in place preventing monsters from having over 65k hit points has been removed.  This means that dungeon overlords will now have their intended max hit points of 200k.

-  Cost of relics via donation shop will be adjusted to better suit the new drops.

-  CTF, Deathmatch, and Area Control winners will now receive 20 rough stones, 5 random relic deeds, a random artifact clothing deed, and a random runic deed.  We noticed people ignore these events more and more, and their prize needed a good increase.

-  PvP Rewards have been revamped completely...

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Category: Town Crier

Publish 32

A quick turn around for publish 32!  Here is what happened.

-  Rez kill timer will be lowered to 15 seconds.
-  Rez kill timer will only apply to your character if killed by another player, or another players pet.  Death by monster will not warrant a rez kill timer at all.

-  Fixed a typo that is preventing bonus rough stone from doom bosses to be given to the player.

-  Ancient hell hounds will be able to be a target of animal lore again.

-  Introducing my new dungeon boss system to Freedom.  There will be a new altar in each dungeon in Felucca, Malas, and Ilshenar.  To get the skulls needed to summon the dungeons boss, you will have to fight and kill monsters inside any dungeon region, they will go directly into your backpack...

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