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Explore a unique, diverse world filled with immersive, balanced content.

From the smallest isle of Felucca, to the largest caldera of Ter Mur, each zone offers a unique experience.

We take time to assess balance in our world, however, nothing is truly easy or hard...

Our advanced boss AI allows us to deliver a more unique and tactical experience.


You can stand your ground and fight your enemies, or you can declare immunity by disabling Felucca Rules for your character.

Enabling Felucca Rules will allow you to obtain more bonuses from the world; you are rewarded for your risk!

Even with immunity, you are not safe from the bounty hunters of the world; pay the right price and you will have your justice, or revenge!


Our team consists of a few of the most talented people in the Ultima Online free-shard community.

With absolute freedom of creativity, our team is capable of anything that they set their mind to!

Creativity is not just limited to our team, there are players who openly contribute amazing content to the shard.


Our professional, dedicated server is stable and reliable, with a fast connection located on prime DNS network real-estate in the USA.

We invest in high-end hardware and software to ensure consistency in our world.

Our web services use the CloudFlare network to help manage traffic based on your location.

Player Ranking


Enter the arena, it is time to test your mettle in the PvP Battlegrounds!

Join the battle of your choice - Free for All, Team vs Team or Capture the Flag - and prepare to fight!

Battlegrounds feature no-death combat rules, you risk honor for reward in these bloody arenas.

Gold Rewards

Special Rewards

Our unique Gold Shop in Britain offers a wide variety of gear, decorations and more.

If you have spare gold coins and want lavish possessions, this is the place to shop!

Unique Events


The cemetaries of the world come under seige by the hallowed undead at our annual Halloween holiday event.

Featuring spooky decorations, pumpkin carving and the wrath of the hallowed undead, Halloween gives us all an opportunity to enjoy this traditional past-time.

Not long after, winter comes and the wrath of the hallowed undead passes as they retreat until next year.

It is then up to you to defend the tradition of Winterfest, as various grotto's around the world make home to evil creatures.

Featuring seasonal decorations, candy and other traditional goodies, Winterfest offers respite for those who enjoy celebrating this magical time of year!

Hue Center

Your Style

Using our Hue Center, you can color your gear to match your style, whether you have a sense of style or not!

You have the ability to combine over 2,000 unique colors, for a small fee of course.

You can dye gear, pets, decorations of all kinds - if you can't dye something, we'll do it for you, for a small fee, of course.